Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sixth Garden Party @ Lrong Sensei's house

I was privileged to host 36 international and Japanese students for the 6th Garden Party at my house. The weather was just marvelous, albeit a little hot. The skies were blue, and the sea, equally blue and pretty. We cooked 'kenchin udon', a local noodle specialty with lots of vegetables, and a dessert made from red beans sweet potatoes and brown sugar laced with coconut milk. Our Vice President of International Affairs supplied us with soft-drinks, while another colleague provided strawberries and ice cream. Before cooking, I showed the students my vegetable garden, and after all the eating, we went to the beach, and thereafter, to a quaint little temple built on a cliff at the northern-most point of Shikoku Island. I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone enjoyed the day as well. Thank you very much for your excellent cooperation and contribution in making the event a safe and joyful one. (Lrong)