Monday, October 23, 2017

'Why you should come to Taiwan' (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #097)

The 97th presentation in the series was conducted by three exchange students from National Chiayi University. The title was 'Why you should come to Taiwan', following the presentation title on Thailand made on the previous week. Sixteen Japanese students and eight international students came to listen. After the presentation, the three students gave out some presents to those who could answer their questions, and then, pineapple cakes for all the students in the audience. The audience seemed very happy with this gesture...

Monday, October 16, 2017

'Why you should come to Thailand' (Lunch Presentation Meeting Series #096)

For the 96th presentation in the series, three exchange students from Chiang Mai University presented on the reasons for non-Thais to visit Thailand. Thirteen Japanese students and six international students attended this event. The Thai students even made an impromptu Thai dance and taught the audience to dance.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Welcome Party for Fall Semester

This October, Kagawa University is privileged to welcome 45 new international students coming from 13 nationalities.
As in every year, we first conducted a guidance for the three dormitories, followed by guidance by the Police Department, and closing with guidance by the International Student Center.
The Welcome Party was attended by well over 100 people. We were very happy to see many 'Student Supporters', senior students, and members of the local community coming to join us to welcome the new students. We hope the new students will have a very fruitful experience with us at Kagawa University. (Lrong)